Not a Certified Personality Trainer yet?
Now is a great time.  

If you have wanted to become certified as a Personality Trainer, but
have not been able to find a large block of time to attend a training
course, or do not want to travel, here's your opportunity to get the
training you want without the travel.

We now have Certified Personality Trainers in 5 countries!

Who can benefit from Basic Training?

Life Coaches, Counselors, Corporate trainers, HR Directors, Ministers, Salesmen, etc.

No Travel Required!

global travelThere is no need to book an airplane ticket, get a hotel room or rent a car to attend this seminar! Over the years, people from all over the world have asked if the Certified Basic Personality Training Seminars could be brought to their country.

Travel has become more and more problamatic over the past few years, and international travel even more so. With airfare, hotel, food and car rental, a seminar such as this one, can add up to well over $3,500. With this in mind, we have decided to use modern technology to bring the Certified Basic Personality Seminars to you via the phone lines as a teleconference.

24+ hours of training, over an eight week time frame. 

Just pick the 8-week session time/date that best fits your schedule.

It's as simple as dialing your phone. 

New Basic Training Class Dates: TBD


If you are interested in attending, but these time slots are not going to work for you – please feel free to contact

Equipment needed: a Telephone and Pen

All sessions will be recorded for future download, so if you are unable to attend all the calls, you will not miss any of the sessions.


Here's what you will receive in this Teleconference.

  • 24+ hours of dynamic teaching 
  • 135 page Comprehensive Notebook
  • A downloadable recording of your classes.
  • Live - Answer/Question time on each call  
  • Over 35 re-printable handouts
           (worth the price of admission!)
  • 2 hours of personal coaching with Kathryn Robbins
    (A $75.00 value)
  • Certified Personality Discount pricing on materials
  • Able to stay in the comfort of your own home
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • On-going support and encouragement        
  • Access to the  Advanced Personality Training.

The price for all this information and support -

Class size is limited. Reserve your spot now! 
There is no better deal on the market

Save $100 - with the friends & family plan.
Sign up a friend or family member to attend the training with you and receive the group discount of $100 - you can share the discount or apply it to your own tuition. Great for coaches, counseling centers, HR departments, church staff,etc.

(Group discounts are applied to groups of 2 or more attending the same class time.)

Group price $550.00

Reserve your spot now!

Online registration is available. Payment plans are available. 
Pay Pal will convert foreign currencies automatically.
If you have more questions please feel free to contact


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Private Sessions

If attending a group session is not going to work for you, private personality training is also available. Please contact Kathryn to schedule a time slot that will work for you.



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